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Personalized wellness in a comfortable setting.

Be well, be comfy.

At IV Hydration, we aim to help you reach your wellness goals in a comfortable setting. Whether your journey leads you to beneficial IV and injection therapy, weight loss aids, infrared sauna therapy, or more — we will do our very best to help you be well.

IV Hydration Bags

Take beneficial steps toward your goal of wellness and recovery with our IV treatments of fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Wellness Shots

Quickly restore vitamin levels, aid your body in detoxing, reduce pain, or assist your fat-burning efforts with our injection treatments.

IV Hydration – Wellness Recipes

IV Hydration Bags

IV Bag to help aid Hangover symptoms

Hangover Helper – $180

Rehydrate after that night out. This will help restore electrolytes and vitamins;
and relieve nausea or vomiting.

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Vitamins and Nutrients for Overall Wellness - Myers

Myers Cocktail – $225

This versatile blend of vitamins and nutrients are wonderful for boosting your overall wellness and performance.

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Vitamins and amino acids to make you slender

Slender Drip – $200

This combination of vitamins and amino acids helps burn fat and gives energy to those who are exercising and eating right.

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Immune System vitamins in IV Bag

Immunity – $190

This drip jump starts your immune system when you need it most. These vitamins will help ease illness symptoms.

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NAD Boost IV Hydration Bag

NAD+ – $250

An anti-aging treatment vital in metabolic function. NAD+ is a coenzyme found naturally in our bodies; but decreases as we age. NAD+ supports mental clarity, concentration, and performance.

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IV Hydration blend for Performance

Performance – $210

Maximize your workouts and sports performance with this enhancing blend that will help you be your best.

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IV Bag with vitamins for skin, hair, and nails

Beauty – $190

Refine your skin, hair, and nails with vitamins which are key in helping you look your best.

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IV Bag of Electrolytes to help Dehydration

Clarify – $95

Essential fluids and electrolytes to alleviate effects of dehydration.

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IV Hydration Bag - Gut Health

Gut Health – $225

Optimize your gut health by supplying it with powerful ingredients (glutamine, B complex, & amino acids) that reduce permeability, regulate digestions, and supports your microbiome.

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IV Hydration Bag - B-Energy

B-Energy – $150

Find natural energy within with a boost of essential
B-Vitamins. Feel refreshed, energetic, and renewed mental clarity.

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Wellness Shots

Vitamin B-12 Wellness Shot

Vitamin B12 – $25

Essential for new formation of healthy cells and beneficial for energy levels.

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Lip Mino Wellness Shot

Lipo Mino Shot – $35

For those dieting & exercising, this shot has ingredients known for burning fat.

Schedule Lipo Mino

Toradol wellness shot

Toradol – $30

Part of the NSAID family and helps with pain and discomfort.

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Glutathione Wellness Shot

Glutathione – $40

Powerful antioxidant found naturally in our body that helps fight free radicals. Acts as a detoxifier. 

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IV Hydration and Wellness Infusions help you take charge of your own health.

Whether you are looking for a hangover IV to feel better without an emergency room visit or a vitamin boost to amp up your immune system, we can help. Our clients come to us for everything from virus and food poisoning recovery to dehydration, from pre- and post-flight needs to vitamin and beauty infusions. 

Vitamin infusions and wellness shots include options like B12, C, zinc and biotin. For those who may be feeling the effects of the night before, we offer pain and nausea relief with Toradol and Zofran. Get an NAD+ Boost for anti-aging and brain-boosting benefits. This truly is the next wave in personal care—take charge of your own health with IV hydration and wellness infusions today!

How it works

Just a few simple steps and you’ll be on your way to wellness.


Select products that interest you.

Choose from a variety of IV Hydration bags and injection treatments to suit your needs.


Schedule your wellness appointment.

Let us know your basic info and a desired appointment time to receive your IV Hydration treatment.


Receive a text or phone call from Claire Kelly, R.N.

I’ll give you a call or text to ask a few more questions and solidify the appointment time.


Meet at the Salon or in your home for treatment.

Receive the IV Hydration therapy of your choice in a comfortable atmosphere – and be well.

Be well, be comfy.

Not yet ready to select products, but want to know more? I’m happy to answer any and all questions you may have. I’ve been a registered nurse for over 25 years and absolutely LOVE what I do.


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